Operation Orka Sortie

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Chris Putney
Deputy Chief of the Air Force
Deputy Chief of the Air Force
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Operation Orka Sortie

Post by Chris Putney »

Inskip and myself took a hornet flight this morning out of Kuwait. Had a few hiccups, but was a great flight in the end.
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form.jpg (278.83 KiB) Viewed 5051 times
in the turn.jpg
in the turn.jpg (133.61 KiB) Viewed 5051 times
Iraq Sortie.jpg
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what the.jpg
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Chris Putney
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Darren Boaden

Re: Operation Orka Sortie

Post by Darren Boaden »

Some great shots there guys, am very much looking forward to getting into some of that OKRA stuff. :D

Not sure on the paraglider though :lol:

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David Inskip
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Air Officer
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Re: Operation Orka Sortie

Post by David Inskip »

We were tasked to destroy a fuel depot.

Here are some shots I managed to get from my flight.
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David Inskip
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